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Passion for investing in real estate brought me to create
Premier Real Estate Services in 2002. Years of purchasing, developing, and managing several rental properties, while assisting friends & clients with both commercial and residential investment opportunities, led to the dream of creating a company that made a difference in the real estate industry. More than 100 agents at Premier Real Estate Services now share the commitment to excellent service and working with an open mind to market properties with new concepts that create great results. Today Premier has 7 locations - St. Cloud, Sartell, Litchfield, Hutchinson, Little Falls and Minneapolis!

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Fall in St. Cloud Gives Rise to an Ancient Impulse

If you ask people what they call it when everyone seems to get the same impulse to open the house to get everything freshened up, it’s a fair bet that most of them will say, “spring

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Some St. Cloud ARMs Hit a LIBOR End of the Road

If you have ever taken out one of those St. Cloud adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs), you may have come across the term “LIBOR.” It’s short for London Interbank Offered Rate —

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Minimize ‘Shrinkage’ when Selling Your St. Cloud House

The often-quoted first principle of the physicians’ Hippocratic Oath, “first, do no harm,” constitutes a ‘safety first’ message meant to curb over-enthusiastic docs

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City of the Future is a Big Idea—but is it Fun?

It’s probably fair to say that when a typical St. Cloud resident hears some of the more strikingly novel details about what urban life will be like in the future, he or she is likely to take

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